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There Are 2 BIG Problems When It Comes To Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing...

For anybody starting out trying to make money online, these are the biggest problems:

1. It’s too expensive to get enough traffic to make a lot of sales, and

2. If you don’t have a list of names and email addresses that you can email offers to, then it’s even harder to make sales.

But there is an easy way to get around this.

And I’m going to share that with you now, but first let me ask you this...

Did you know that by using Webinars you can generate more money, faster than almost any other online or offline strategy?

What I’m about to reveal to you is in fact the little-known money making secret many of the “Big Gurus” are using to make massive profits online.

Here’s the reason the gurus use webinars and why you should be using them to make you more too:

They convert better, meaning that for every person seeing the offer more people will actually make a purchase.

Here’s an example...

If you send 100 people to a GOOD converting ‘traditional’ sales page you might get 1 sale – that’s a 1% conversion.

That’s right... 1% is average for a ‘good’ sales page!

And that’s for a typical low priced product… say $50 to $100, higher price products generally don’t get anywhere near 1% conversion.

So as an affiliate on a $50 product (with a 50/50 split), for every 100 people you drive to that sales page you’re only going to make $25.

Meaning you have to send 400 people a day to that sales page to make $100.

That’s a lot of work, right? And if you were to try to use Google Adwords or Facebook Ads you’d probably pay about $1 per click.

Meaning you’d be spending $100 to make $25… I’m sure you’ll agree that’s not a good deal.

Here’s how Webinars are different...

If you send 100 people to a webinar registration page typically 30 people will sign up (that’s a 30% conversion).

Out of those 30 people you might have 10 to 20 people actually attend.

BUT here’s the exciting part...

2 – 4 of those people will make a purchase, that’s a 100 – 400%
increase in conversions straight away.

However at $25 commission still per sale that’s not a fortune. And not even close to the figures you see many people claim they make using webinars.

People like Lucy...

So let me share the secret with you...

Webinars are great for selling high priced products… things that cost $1,000 +

Here's Why...

Unlike traditional sales pages (and even video sales pages) webinars are much more personal… not only can the viewer see the message in words and pictures, but…

They can also SEE and HEAR the person who is delivering the message.

This helps build rapport, creates trust and gives both the presenter and the viewer the opportunity to ask and receive answers to any questions they might have.

This removes doubt and uncertainty, which ultimately leads to more people making the decision to buy.

Here’s the math...

If we go back to those earlier stats...

If 100 people visit the site, 30 people register, 10 – 20 attend and 2 to 4 people purchase at a price point of $1,000 - then with 50% commission you’ll pocket...

$1,000 to $2,000!!!

Much better, right?

But that’s not all... remember we said there were 30 people that registered?

These people are now on your subscriber list, meaning you can market to them over and over again with other offers in the future.

And THAT is why webinars are so popular. There are just so many benefits now AND later.

In fact, in just a moment I’ll reveal to you how you can make even MORE money using my automated webinar system.

So why don’t more people use webinars?

The reason is… It involves a lot of work!

First you need to create a really good product (or find an affiliate product that converts well).

That in it’s self is a BIG task but it doesn’t end there.

You need:

The list goes on and on...

And for a LOT of people especially those just getting started this is scary.

Which is why the simple system I’m about to
reveal to you is potentially the greatest discovery you’ll make this year.

Unlike with other systems you may have seen, you don’t need a product or webinar presentation of your own… using this system you can start making money right now

“When?” Yes, right now.

Simply click a few buttons and you’re good to go.

Now before I share with you all the details... and let you know exactly how you can benefit from this today...

Here’s another secret that will shock you
(and which most people don’t know)

Recent testing has revealed something very exciting, something that will make using webinars EVEN more popular and even more profitable.

And right now you’re one of the first people to hear my findings.

Using this strategy will BOOST your income, BUILD A BIGGER LIST and attract MORE CUSTOMERS almost effortlessly.

Making you money over and over again without you doing any extra work!

Here it is… keep this to yourself!

Webinar ‘Replays’ are outperforming ‘Live’ webinars in the conversion stakes... generating almost 100% more sales in some cases

How is this possible?

Well with webinars becoming so popular, there’s now too much choice with people receiving invitations to webinars almost daily from other marketers.

It’s simply not possible to attend them all.

And quite often as I’m sure you’ve experienced, they’re on at crazy times, in different time zones and let’s face it who wants to get up at 4AM to watch a webinar (no matter how good it seems)?

Webinar replays and automated webinars are outperforming ‘Live’ webinars because they allow users to choose when they watch it.

Meaning people are far more likely to register (meaning more subscribers on your list) because they can pick a time that suits them and a time when they know they won’t be disturbed or distracted.

Allowing them to focus on the message and make an informed buying decision.

An Extra 22 Sales & $20,937 In The Bank...

Sean Allison recently joined my Webinar Magic course to help him sell his new product...

a training course on how to make a monthly cashflow trading options for $997, I helped him create a presentation and ran his first webinar with him.

On the live webinar we had 300 plus registrations 100 attendees and made 5 sales that's $4,985

But get this...

When we released the replay and this went out to everyone that had registered in the first place, many of which didn’t attend, 150 people watched the webinar resulting in a massive 21 EXTRA sales.

Meaning Sean pocketed an additional $20,937 and the best part – he wasn’t event there (this is now completely automated).

Interesting right?

Webinar replays or “automated webinars” allow you to do the work once and profit over and over again… you don’t even need to be there any more.

Simply record, edit and publish, then send visitors to watch it… you could just sit back and watch the payments flow into your account.

You see once you know how well your webinar converts (how many people register, attend and buy) the only thing you need to do is focus on driving the visitors to your registration page.

Which you’ll learn how to do within this system too, so don’t worry about that

The problem is most people don’t know how to record, edit, schedule and promote their replays...

Worse still...

Most replay software is complicated to use, requires technical knowledge to make it run seamlessly and doesn’t provide accurate conversion statistics...

Making it, quite frankly – more trouble than it’s worth.

After all, if you can’t see how many people watched, how long they stayed and how many clicked to purchase then you’ll never know how well it’s performing as a product.

With No Installation, No Technical Knowledge
& No Monthly Costs, Webinator Solves ALL
Of These Issues And More.

Webinator makes it easy for you to record, edit, store and replay webinars so that people can watch them when they want.

Meaning with the click of just a few buttons you’ll have automated webinars online and making you money without you ever having to be there.


If you don’t yet have your own webinar product but really want to get started or if you simply want to be able to leverage the power of webinars for generating automated cash, then...

We’ve made it even easier by giving you:

5 High Converting webinars already pre-loaded into your account – so you don’t even need your own webinar to start making money!

These webinars include:

And they’re all in super-profitable niches (these will be revealed to you only when you become a customer).

Everything that you’d normally have to create yourself is DONE FOR YOU!

They even have their own follow up emails set up and ready to start putting cash in your bank account.

Using the Webinator really is the quickest and easiest way to start making money online...

Simply register, login and you’ll instantly have access to everything you need to profit from webinars... Amazon S3 integration, statistical reporting, multi-play functions and much, much more! (This is all the technical stuff that you don’t need to know, but it’s nice to know that it’s all been thought of for you.)

    Quick & Easy 2 Step Setup

    Awesome Conversion Stats

    High Converting Webinar Optin Pages

    Attractive Webinar Page

Webinator really is the ONLY system you need to start making automated income online.

However, like most people you may be wondering how much this is going to cost...

Consider this, you may have seen other automated webinar software which cost as much as $67 a month or $497 one time.

And for that you are still required to create your own webinars before you can even begin to start making money.

Not so with Webinator

Webinator is an online software meaning you can access it from any computer in the world (yes Mac’s too ;-)… requires no technical knowledge and provides you with everything you need to get started including ready-made webinars.

And here’s the best part:

You pay just once and can access all the features mentioned here today for life

Webinator normally sells for $2,997 as a part of my best selling
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Why so affordable?

We want you to be able to make back your investment fast and by making it available at this incredibly low price we know with just a couple of sales from the pre-loaded ready–made webinars you’ll do this in no time.

Now that you’ve seen how this works, and understand why webinars are so much more effective, and know how affordable it is to get on board, you have two choices:

1) Ignore everything...

The proof, the testimonials the FACTS

Not to mention the simplicity of it all and the ready-made webinars pre-loaded to start making you money today.

And continue sending traffic to low converting sales pages and receiving pitiful commissions on low value products (which by the way will NEVER make you rich).


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I look forward to seeing you on the other side and to sharing even more techniques and strategies with you for profiting from webinars.


Steven Essa

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